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BL Recommendations - Highly Recommended \(≧∀≦)/

Very Happy

Very Happy

Author: 月下蝶影

Li Zhao is a poor, 20-year-old actor who only thinks of where his next meal is coming from. After growing up in a child only facility, Li Zhao has taken on a very optimistic personality even while raising money for those he sees as family.

On the other hand, 28-year-old rich businessman Yan Ting is super pessimistic.

Yan Ting: Life is no fun. What is the difference between life and death?

Li Zhao: Life is very happy.

The world in Yan Ting’s heart was very grey until he met Li Zhao. He thought, this must be the liveliest person in the world. Otherwise, how could Li Zhao be so lively in his heart every day?

Contains: Entertainment Industry, Romance, FLUFF. SO MUCH FLUFF, Slice of Life

Why you should read this: It's SO CUTE. THE TWO OF THEM ARE SO GOOD TO EACH OTHER! REC SO HARD. I’ve re-read this story so many times. It’s so cute and adorable and FLUFF, and a bit of angst, and a lot of humour. The main character, Li Zhao, is such a cutiepie and melts your heart hahaha. And Yan Ting is such a doting and devoted love interest. In fact, they’re both doting with each other. Highly recommend~

Completed, 114 + 2 chapters | Check out on: Novel Updates

Heavenly Soul [BL]

Heavenly Soul

Author: crimson_carnation

Feng Qinghe is a disciple of the prestigious Heavenly Peak Sect, renowned for his competence and pleasant disposition. Used to bearing his burdens alone and wantonly throwing himself into dangerous situations for others’ benefit, he operates by the motto that as long as he is alive, everything else can be fixed.

Wei Xiang is a well known and feared senior officer from the Order of Sentinels, a judicial force that polices and protects the world. Paying witness to Feng Qinghe’s unique way of doing things and guessing at the intriguing disciple’s hidden depths, Wei Xiang decides to observe him from the shadows.

But the inexplicably astute Feng Qinghe is not an easy person to deal with, while Wei Xiang has secrets of his own that draw the disciple to him. Together, the pair face their pasts, help each other overcome adversities from within and without, and aid those they love, securing a bustling yet content life for themselves.

Contains: Xianxia, Romance, POWER COUPLE, STRONG MC, Multiple Side Couples

Why you should read this: because I like it! hahahah. Has both good plot and romance!

Completed, 834k | Read on: Scribble Hub

Accidental Mark

Accidental Mark

Author: 蝶之灵

Pei Shaoze unintentionally heard about a novel called Accidental Mark. Once he woke up, he found he had transmigrated into the alpha scumbag in the book, Pei Shaoze. The omega protagonist of the novel, Cheng Xia happened to have his pheromones out of control. The original scumbag not only took the opportunity to mark the protagonist but also killed the protagonist’s parents and ruined his reputation. The protagonist was completely blackened and returned five years later to stab the scumbag to death.

Pei Shaoze, “……” What type of melodramatic plot was this? Why not invest well in movies and TV shows when he was the boss? His brain was used to bully the protagonist. No wonder why he would be stabbed to death.

Therefore, he thoughtfully sent Cheng Xia home and helped select a school drama for Cheng Xia. “This drama is suitable for Cheng Xia and has the potential to be popular.”

It turned out to be really popular. Cheng Xia said, “Thank you, President Pei!”...

“Cheng Xia should expand his shows and challenge himself.”

Cheng Xia whose fans soared to the tens of millions. “Thank you so much, President Pei!”

“Do you want to try this drama? I think you are talented enough to handle this difficult role.”

At the awards ceremony, Cheng Xia said, “The person I want to thank most is President Pei!”

On Pei Shaoze’s birthday, all the stars of the company came to congratulate him. After the party, Cheng Xia personally sent Pei Shaoze home. The young man’s cheeks were slightly red and his eyes were shining as he stared at Pei Shaoze. “President Pei, in fact, I know your feelings toward me and I like you very much.”

Pei Shaoze, “……?”

Later, it was found that Pei Shaoze was a producer in every one of Cheng Xia’s shows.

The fans said, “This alpha is pretty good. Xia Xia, hurry and chase him!”

Cheng Xia answered, “I’ve caught him :)”

—Give you the most tolerant love and help you spread your wings to fly high.


Contains: Entertainment Industry, Romance, FLUFF. SO MUCH FLUFF, Slice of Life

Why you should read this: It's SO CUTE. THE TWO OF THEM ARE SO GOOD TO EACH OTHER!

Completed, 114 + 2 chapters | Check out on: Novel Updates

Raindrops In The Desert

Raindrops In The Desert

Author: Diamond_Raven

After years of bad experiences with doms, Scott decides to stop having sex. Unfortunately, his attempt at celibacy only succeeds in frustrating himself and his detective partner Ryan, who happens to be a dom. When Ryan offers to be Scott’s dom, the arrangement seems like a good solution to Scott’s problem. What neither of them are counting on is falling in love.

Contains: caring dom/sub, friends first, mutual pining, fluff, kink negotiation, aftercare

Why you should read this: the BDSM and dom/sub elements are SO GOOD. Love it.

Completed, 230k | Read on: Archive Of Our Own

Non-BL Recommendations - Highly Recommended \(≧∀≦)/

I Can't Eat Love

I Can't Eat Love

Author: Screaming_at_an_Empty_Room

Lenora did not have a wonderful life. After her engagement to Prince Ronan is broken, she loses everything... her reputation, her home, and her family. Starving on the streets, she dies angry and bitter at how her life unfolded... Only to wake up in her old bed, fifteen again, five years before she died.

Now she must struggle to change her fate, and the fate of those around her. This time she won't trust in something as flimsy or changeable as love. No, this time she'll have the power and the money to protect herself.

Lenora has already lost everything once. She's not going to lose again.

No matter what the cost.

Contains: F/M couple, Fantasy, Rebirth (Second Chance), STRONG female lead

Why you should read this: I don't read F/M couples; I don't read first person POV. BUT. THIS NOVEL. Is the only F/M and first-person-POV novel that I've actually read and re-read multiple times! The main character and her narration/voice and personality is so likeable. It's a medieval-type setting with a badass princess and FOUND FAMILY is absolute buckets. The main character is so damn cool, helping reform her family’s Duchy. She’s also oblivious to love AF 😂 Highly recommend!

Completed, 127 k | Read on: Archive Of Our Own or Wattpad or Tumblr

Farm to Banquet Table

Farm to Banquet Table

Author: toutcequonveut (Hattie)

Culinary superstar Qi Xue dies in a random accident and wakes up in an ancient world—the world of the novel she'd just been reading!

Eh, why not take advantage of her modern knowledge? Shrugging her shoulders, Qi Xue decides to make delicious foods at her new household and cook her way to the top!

And who is this Fang Wenhui who is always by her side...?

Contains: F/F couple, Transmigration, Ancient China, Food!

Why you should read this: *cough* It was written for meeeee!!

Completed, 9 k | Read on: Archive Of Our Own or Tapas

Petrosinella, the Perfect Witch’s Daughter

Petrosinella, the Perfect Witch’s Daughter

Author: Moonpearl

Once upon a time, a witch wished for the perfect daughter - one who was beautiful, cunning, wicked, a master of magic...

But she never said that she wanted her to be cis.

Humiliated to hear after 12 years that her preciously raised "son" is actually a girl, the witch comes up with the most genius solution: to lock her in a tower until she "admits" that she's really a boy.

But when did trying to imprison an omnipotent malevolent entity ever end well for anyone?

Originally written for "Sappho’s Spinning Wheel: A Yuri Garden Anthology", "Petrosinella, the Perfect Witch's Daughter" is a witchy retelling of Basile's bawdy original fairytale, and a rowdy love letter to all those deliciously wicked witch's daughters we were told to despise as children.

Contains: F/F couple, Trans Main Character, Confident and Powerful Main Character

Why you should read this: The main character is so powerful and self-assured, I loveeeeee her!

Completed, 4 k | Read on: Scribble Hub

Non-BL Recommendations - Recommended~

These are recommended, but at your own risk: either they are in progress, on hiatus, or I didn't read all of it because I forgot. But they're still recommended!

Stroke by Stroke

Stroke by Stroke

Author: notobvioustome and toutcequonveut

Swimming. Gardening. Cooking. Unicycling. Long ago, Wisteria Manor perched empty and alone in the remote mountains of Colorado, in harmony with nature (except for the dead wisteria, which one should not attempt to grow in such an inhospitable clime). Then, everything changed when Cal moved in. Only Lir, master of... none of the activities in which Cal sought instruction (and ESPECIALLY not swimming), could teach them something deeper and truer than the Art of Natation.

Or: Tired of well-adjusted fictional characters? Jump into the world of Stroke by Stroke! Fall in love alongside Lir as he navigates being hired to teach swimming to a person who lives in a mansion alone in the mountains (except for an inexplicable surfer butler). Just one problem: Lir can’t swim!

Or, Lir is desperate for work. When a shady ad for a swimming instructor drops in his lap, he jumps at the chance - and into a manor house with an enormous pool. How will his life change when he meets the eccentric owner Cal Lê?

Contains: M/NB couple, Humour, Cats

Why you should read this:I have a huge soft spot for male x nonbinary pairings~~

In progress/Haitus, 40k | Read on: Archive Of Our Own or Tapas. Note that the Tapas version is the newest version, but the AO3 version has the most content.

Kill Them with Kindness

Kill Them with Kindness

Author: J. A. Jumphol

Binx is a normal non-binary student with a secret... They are a super villain!

Since they are a super villain, they have a nemesis and that nemesis is River.

Join Binx as they maliciously attack River by texting cute animal photos and gifting cupcakes!

Contains: M/NB couple, Humour!!

Why you should read this:The main character thinks they're a super evil villain, super cute story!

In progress as of Auguest 2021 with 89 chapters | Read on: Tapas.