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What's new:

  • 26-08-2021: Added more fic recs to the Fic rec section
  • 29-07-2021: Added in the FIC REC SECTION!
  • 27-07-2021: put in pure css
  • 26-07-2021: design actually happening

To do list:

  • add in links to my writing
  • add in links to my social media~~
  • add in alllll the fic and fanfic and weblit recs! (cover, summary, contains..., review/why you should read it)
  • BL and non BL, fanfic recs, danmei too; separated also by highly recommend, good, at your own risk
  • figure out DesignTM
  • add in cool links round the interwebs
  • like The Daily Eggplant
  • thoughts about webnovels, especially original English ones